Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This is Village stalwart Michael Mann. Once a budding Greenwich Village star, he is more remembered for being 'THAT GUY' whose past, present and future has escaped documentation. The Roche sisters remember him as does Erik Frandsen, Peggy Duncan and George Gerdes. I've put a small piece together in a video clip that most certainly won't find its way into the documentary on Gerdes on-a-count-of time running short to begin with. I'm already hard pressed to mention all the wonderful people to play Folk City. 

Mike Mann was a side question of mine during the interviews. 
~Bob P

Michael Mann, 2010
(Photo courtesy Peter Bengston)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


                  Man, if he wasn’t my height! Boyish straight, straight eyes.
                                 Academic details have no place here.

The new pavilion in Kingston.
sorry to say, the sound is distorted under the roof

Where I contemplated life on Thursday evening

The other Bob

                                           ONE MORE TIME AROUND

A meeting was planned for the night before but it didn’t work out.
Delores Dixon and I traveled up the Hudson from Riverdale and NYC respectively. There we were- two Bronx peeps, both heading all the way up to Kingston, New York for the Bob Show. It’s a really big show. Bob Dylan approved his Biz office to help arrange a chance meeting.

Delores Dixon of the New World Singers is sweet as pie. She and her group were the first ever to record the song Blowin' in the Wind. We hung out all day, talked up a storm and enjoyed Dylan's swinging and swaying concert. We took the shuttle bus together. Twice. 

Alas, our hand slap and embrace with the Artist failed to materialize.

InstaPorco photo

"Bob? We're outta here"

We parted after a full day of travel and she said ‘you’ll meet him tomorrow.’  I doubted her but was still hopeful. A simple gesture of ‘’hi’’ from Bob to Delores and me wasn’t a guarantee. The invite to see him was extended and exciting enough. It was going to happen ONLY if the stars aligned. The show was a gift to us. Afterwards, Bob has to roll on. We understood. We drove home after the show, Dee and I.


                                                         Day TOO

Larry RATSO Sloman

                                                    BEFORE PARTY

I saw Ratso there with his wife. We sat in the glow of Saturday night for several minutes discussing Cus D’amato, Mike Tyson and other big boy talk.

He was ‘on the list’ to meet and greet also. Larry informed me that it’s always 'hit or miss.' No harm, no foul, no worries, enjoy the show.

On day two, I had a little more of an idea of where to stand and watch this time. My spot happened to be equally between the beer, the tour bus and the Porta potties. (The sound happened to be better outside the Brickyard rattle Haus. I had a clear look at the whole band. I saw Dylan jump and leave his feet at the piano to bring the end to Highway 61)

Dylan was having fun. He was enjoying himself. And he became quite frisky with the boom mic stand. (Review written longhand is of no interest. Buy a ticket)

I was in contact the previous night with the ‘Tour Bus Gatekeeper.’ I shouted out on Saturday to say hello to let him know that I was flying solo that night. I was prepared to fly so LOW into the bus compound area that no one but us chickens would know. The only people who know are….me, him, the guy who saw’d it and NOW, YOU the reader.

The backyard at the Hutton Brickyards
Note the Clearwater getting free audio

It was an ArmHug© (Bob Porco). Like two fishing hooks stuck together for a moment. Not quite elbow. Not quite armpit. Lobster grab. Half second. 

I said, ‘Hey Bobby! I accept the protection. (Referring to the security detail protecting all things and people) Lord deliver us into tomorrow together safely.’

What he said in reply is my business. Nothing need be said. 

All this in an instant. I witnessed a smile from yesterday’s child. Friendly. Our near-perfect lefty ArmHug © (Bob Porco) tore off in a part-swim-part-doh-see-doe and off he goes. He ducked under low branches like a Bond film mastermind avoiding swinging chopper blades. He dove upwards into the tour bus clutching his goin’ home hat. His past boxing skills were evident. Nice footwork! Is he young?

                                                           PIVOT foot

It’s all in the pivot foot, I think. Ya know what I mean…making a go at it in show biz, as it were. Gotta keep re-inventing yourself and keep moving. One may pivot from Folk to Country to ballads then Rock and Roll then back around. For a moment, he looked back. He paused to acknowledge a Porco. That doesn’t normally happen. Not in a long time.

That’s it. It was the craziest thing! But there he was. Grinnin’ straight eyes. Never breaking stride. Working hard. Padre. AdiĆ³s. It was a little like the last M*A*S*H* episode.

That’s the whole story. I was digging’ it. No pictures or video allowed at these events. You’ll have to take Bob’s word. It was just another low-five to LeBron James from the expensive seats after the game. Except, in our case, one of us grabbed north of the elbow. That’s a mythological story to tell some day.

My Tarot card reader says that, because of Mike Porco's good deeds and my efforts, I’ll have a chance to dance close the campfire for a moment before I should jump back into the night and collect fuel for the fire like everybody else. Saturday was an energy-filled, daring day. Everybody missed our encounter. Even Delores who predicted it! I almost missed it. However, I was lucky enough to catch the manager’s eye at just the right time. The cards said ‘convergence’ ‘dream state’ ‘one day’ and it was.


Tell yer maw. Tell yer Paw. Now I’ve got go back to work. I’ve got to give my daughter Angelina the low down news! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Our friend Bob Dylan should be
commended for being recognized for this great prize.
As part of his to receive the 
Swedish croners, Bobby had to deliver a lecture.

It's being dissected by his fans
around the world.

I should point out the 'soundtrack' in the background. The piano is just there.
I don't think it's worthy of much mention.

It seems like thousands of words. Probably all of them were
 carefully thrown together that way.
I can't speak for what ANY man has on his mind,
much less a 76 year old Bob Dylan.
Thanks to the release of this RECORDING 
yesterday, we can allow Bob to speak for himself and tell us what was on his mind.

But as a fan, I notice plenty of references in this speech.

Some references REMIND ME of some historical event, person or PERHAPS some
 parallel parable about Dylan himself.

Let's just assume that I'm wrong on all counts and have some FUN
reading and reflecting.

Was young Dylan wearing glasses, too?

Adverts in the album for professionals soon to be
employed at Gerdes Folk City

You had to go to New York to find many of them


TRANSLATION: Eventually I went to Greenwich Village
and learned by watching

Freedom, yeah Freedom

All took practice

TRANSLATION: Learn from scratch

Small crowds in Dinkytown and soon
MacDougal Street, NYC

Play when Dave Van Ronk, Liam Clancy, Izzy Young
and Cynthia Gooding might hear you

Bob was able to live the dream
by leaving home and learning from
these people first hand

One can only learn by watching. As Yogi Berra said,
'you can see a lot by watching.'

Frankie WAS a good girl

Thank you

Have you heard that Bob references a few works of
literature in
this lecture?

You can say THAT again

Some people avoid the risk of fighting evil. Others
chase it away. Still others
try to eradicate it.

Not that Dylan knows anything about
symbolism, allegory or stereotypes

It's a young man's game

Bad boys running wild

Why is Bob telling us so much
about this fish story?

Ah! I can see now

If only there were OPEC then

It's a big book

Recorded lectures, for example

Ain't it the truth

Bob said it, not me

The watchman, he lay dreaming

O'Brother Ya don't say...

Heart of mine
go back home
you have no reason to wander
no reason to roam

Or being on tour for 30 years

And lawyers, oh the lawyers!!

Whatever you do, don't say
hard travelin'

And don't say ''blowin''

The answer, my friends,
Restless, chilly, unfriendly 

If you're reading this, you've had more protection
than the other thing

or more

Got dogs'll tear ya, limb from limb


I pay in blood

I just found me
 a bottle of Blues

We're hoping YOU knew

Too many to count

Wild thing, I think I love you

Don't let the seasons go change you

Profound advice to the gifted

Achilles last stand

Temporary like Achilles

I believe that Mike Porco knew the meaning of NOW.
NOW, for him, meant the person
singing on his stage NOW
and the audience they are connecting to

What good are they to read?

I feel a sales pitch a-comin'

Bob is on TOUR. His recordings and this free
Nobel speech are part of
the ongoing story

They left this up on the published
clip for so long. It must say something.